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And Then there was nothing left back to youtube again to start over from the beginning it was a wild ride here in the end being here since 2012.

I'll be here @

Mangadude901 6 years ago
Thanks. Let me tell you, that game was like an all-you-can-eat time buffet on Mother's Day. But I may try the 5-2 fights after some other playthroughs (I need some time off from that game for awhile).
Mangadude901 6 years ago
Hey, in case you didn't see it yet I've the True Ending in Cross Edge along with the boss recruitment fights.
xXExceedEdgeXx 6 years ago
Nice! 200k total views, as always thanks everyone for watching. You all are awesome!
Mangadude901 7 years ago
Actually, I'm doing it on Normal. I may try for the true ending once it's done, but it will take a lot of time.
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
Keep up the good work pal, I've haven't been on this site for awhile.
dizmarealm 7 years ago
No Problem, with all the effort put into your WTs you deserve way more subscribers, js.

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