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All hail the mighty Joan! Lit Bitch, Total Dork and Multi-Talented Editor and Writer. Phew! That's a lot of words, isn't it, darlings?

Back from illness. Done some uncommentated LPs, now working on finishing Joan this year. Vocal chords are fine (thank God!). I didn't overdo it. LPs will be coming slower this year due to a heavier schedule, but they will get there eventually.

You will find mostly PC games here, because that's what I usually play. I'm not a big console gamer, as I was pretty much discouraged to play them due to my mother not believing console gaming was 'educational enough'. Even though I have a PSP and PS2 (I'm a Sony fangirl), I'm mostly on my PC. I'm kinda stuck that way, and in my old age I'm not gonna change. XD

My favourite genre is RPG or platform/action adventure. I like some adventure and casual games, but sometimes I get bored with them. I dislike most FPS because I find them boring. That said, if an FPS game has bawdy humour, a supernatural element, or you going around killing Nazis in it, then I'm likely to pick it up. I won't say no to trying things once.

About me:

Female, loves writing, reading, Japanese rock music and culture, languages, etc. I'm a Lit Bitch, basically.


In progress:
Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc (PC- continuing)
Atlantis Quest
Reckless Squad

xXKurantXx 10 years ago
Thank you very much! Sry about recent health :/ hop everything'ss ok.
Qieth 10 years ago
Some danish author - I don't remember the name :P
Qieth 10 years ago
No, there's a BOOK called Victor & Victoria :P
xXKurantXx 10 years ago
Thank you (: I'm sorry :/
Qieth 10 years ago
Yeah, I saw the comment you left with your picture, and you sure could have fooled me. I have a lesbian friend who we all call Victor. Her real name is Victoria but the way she dresses and acts, you wouldn't know she's a she either
Qieth 10 years ago
I'll admit, I was confused when hearing your commentary. I guess I fell right into it! But alas, we are all unique! ;)

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