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I'm an LPer that does guides for most systems. Currently, my primary focus is on Wii U and PS4, though. I'm hoping to start doing guides for handheld systems as well, soon. Most of my guides have commentary, but not all are in HD. I'm always open to criticism if it'll make me a better LPer, so please feel free to comment on my channel.


Requests can be posted on my channel. I read all my comments.
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xXKurantXx 10 years ago
That's something you'd have to ask Mace.
xXKurantXx 10 years ago
You're welcome! Experince goes a long way too. You'll naturally get better at LPing and commentating just by doing it (:
paleselan 10 years ago
I've submitted a new Rayman Origins walkthrough.
paleselan 10 years ago
Thanks, I should be uploading a Rayman walkthrough soon.
Sryth 10 years ago
Nice Channel
xXKurantXx 10 years ago
Thanks! Yeah, Fraps.

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