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Hey everyone, I am an Australian transgender (Male to Female) Let's Player. My favourite video game genres are JRPG, Survival Horror, and Graphic Adventure. I really hope that my LPs are good enough and that you enjoy them ^_^

A huge thanks to PhoenixTsukino for directing me to this site ^_^
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cadi 8 years ago
Geez, I keep forgetting about this site. I feel really bad now xD
cadi 9 years ago
Thanks ^_^
kiseruyoru 9 years ago
Welcome back hun
cadi 9 years ago
I use a program called PlayClaw, which is $29.99 on their site ^_^
Jovinho 9 years ago
How do you record GBA games?
cadi 9 years ago
Hey everyone, sorry for the super-duper long hiatus (well, hiatus on this site at least) but I'm back and will be updating/adding walkthroughs on this site again ^_^

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