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neurazgriz 4 years ago
Ah, it's a pleasure Abe :) The grinch is a very nice game, I'm currently playing it so I don't make a bad walkthrough (as being the first one it's pretty important that I make a good one) - I'm just sorry that you had to wait for one year, to be honest. Also, I'm not going to make a commentary because... Meh, I just don't feel like commenting it
EMPBLMMMSD 4 years ago
Why do you make a lot of walkthrough requests? Just curious.
EMPBLMMMSD 4 years ago
Is you real name what your username is?
EMPBLMMMSD 4 years ago
Is that supposed to be you in your avatar?
DarkDemonCraze 4 years ago
I am sorry but it looks like I can't do a walkthrough on that game for you since my ps2 is busted now : (
DarkDemonCraze 5 years ago
Alright I will try but no promises

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