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I should make this public since the announcement on the frontpage regarding Mario Bros 3 with Dave; I'm not back on this website, nor will I ever be making a return to this website. I'm primarily based on youtube now, if you want to watch my content that isn't a co-operative effort with members of this site then you can find it on youtube. Sorry if there has been any confusion for you members of GameAnyone. Thanks.

- Volv

You can find me at these pages in future:

My Youtube:

My twitter:!/Volvagia224

My formspring:

My Facebook:

 2010 Best Co-Op
 2009 Best Co-Op
supermedaknight64 10 years ago
i will miss u guys
Riddler13 10 years ago
pinkeydefreak 10 years ago
do i need an count pm skorch
pinkeydefreak 10 years ago
what went down with maceman peaple left
Devildawg1970 10 years ago
i've read the message that you put on my page :3
Devildawg1970 10 years ago
volv looks like you manned up and decided to do mario 3 with Dave

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