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I am GameDimensions (Rob Char) brother, and I am sorry to inform everyone that yesterday my brother Erik Charette (Game Dimensions) died yesterday at the hospital from a car crash, bike accident. I was a fan of his vids and to continue on with his legacy over here at GA, Gameanyone I will continue his work, now I do know that he did commentary and he was doing cheating walkthroughs. Well I will do cheating walkthroughs but for the most part I probably wont be talking, just voicing out the story of the game if it has any text that is not voiced by the game. So Video Game Movies if you will.
VideoGameMovies 6 years ago
I had some problems with camtasia studio yesterday with Windows 10 when I got back from my trip but I was able to fix it and I will be able to start uploading more again finally.
Maceman 6 years ago
I'm sorry about that. I hope you are doing ok.

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