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HelloJapan960 6 years ago
Thank you, it makes me so happy to have hit that milestone! :D
Mactin 6 years ago
Thanks for letting me know I uploaded the same video.
HelloJapan960 7 years ago
Thanks! I know, it really makes me want to get back to my live streams. I am thinking about starting them again, just to let you know.
HelloJapan960 8 years ago
I actually have the game, it is very difficult! I will think about playing some though, but I will start recording more videos tomorrow.
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Thanks for subscribing.
HelloJapan960 8 years ago
Sadly no, Sryth wasn't able to do it at the last minute and I won't be able to do it because of work tomorrow. I will make a video soon explaining everything.

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