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Thanks for watching! :)
RealGamingScrubs 7 years ago
Thanks for the sub :)
Sryth 7 years ago
Hey! Full work weeks. It's a damn shame that I can't record much anymore. But were cutting hours so I will hopefully have more time to get a game done every so often.
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Ah I see, seems Legit. Anyway Thanks for subscribing, Now I'll stop spamming you with my comments xD.
Mactin 8 years ago
Looks who back...good to see you back in the game. :)
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Would of Been a Kick-butt user name, was it taken? MikiDeFacto is now your official name that I'll call you by.
YurikaJoe 8 years ago
Your welcome, and also what does MDF stand for?

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