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Check out my YouTube Channel for more stuff. I decided to just focus primarily on YouTube from now on, so I have removed all my projects from Game Anyone as of December 2019. Thanks for all the years Game Anyone.

-Neronium (Roxas1359)
EMPBLMMMSD 1 year ago
I got my gold back. Does this mean you're leaving GA?
EMPBLMMMSD 1 year ago
I prefer Nickelodeon.
EMPBLMMMSD 1 year ago
Terrible in what way?
EMPBLMMMSD 1 year ago
Which do you prefer? Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?
EMPBLMMMSD 1 year ago
I asked Mace a question on his profile about what happened to his channels, but why hasn't he answered?
EMPBLMMMSD 1 year ago
That really didn't help.

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