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May 2015
Blazing Badger
AIPD is a top-down coop twin-stick shooter with a visual style that is an homage to 80s neon art styles. Enter the AI universe and fight evil artificial intelligences with a vast variety of weapons and modifications.
There are no complete English video walkthroughs for AIPD at this time. If there are any in-progress walkthroughs, or walkthroughs in other languages, they will be displayed below.
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HD Walkthrough (PC) 2 0:17:59 dadsgamingaddic...
5 years ago
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Trophies Title Videos Texts Class
Boss Eater
Defeat the boss on hard or higher difficulty.
0 0
Reach a lifetime score of 1 billion.
0 0
Can't touch this
Complete a stage on blazing difficulty without receiving a single hit.
0 0
Modification Master
Unlock all modifications.
0 0
Weapon Master
Unlock all weapons.
0 0
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