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AKA FrederichSchulz
AKA Marky-Marky-Wahlberg
Age 20 - Male
Interested in Women. Hope I can find a nice gamer girlfriend here. This is a dating website right?

So if y'all are interested I have some pre-requisites.

1) You have to be smoking hawt
2) I F*** on the First Date
3) There is no "but I poop from there" in this relationship
4) Just lay back and go along for the ride ;)

So yeah, if you fit all those pre-requisites, You may be right for me!!

Message me if interested, and not a boy.
LTR666 9 years ago
i loved ur blue dragon lets play what do you use to record
LTR666 9 years ago
i love ur lets plays special ur blue dragon that helped me on the end of disc 2
Dzmi13 10 years ago
Your the first person in GA to say hi to me. And your RTS games are still the ones I play to this day, I hope you continue to upload here.
Lumi 10 years ago
Nice LPs, subscription earned :P
saxcat20 10 years ago
Thanks for subbing!
GAL47 10 years ago
joe you think you can do the game republic the revolution is a good game

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Blue Dragon - "Back Attack"
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Blue Dragon - "Back Attack"
You completed a Back Attack.
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