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Hello! I am GundamW I'm crazy a fruitloop and a bunch of other things.

This is the place to be if you like sci-fi/games/nerdy dutch guys (hint hint nudge nudge).

This is not the place to be if your a Warp spawn or a Heretical Chaos piece of *censored*.

So buckle in, have a popcorn and wonder why the hell I seem to disappear into the warp 9 times a week!
Roxas1359 8 years ago
Thanks for the sub. ^.^
Roxas1359 8 years ago
Legends 2 had some more stuff added into them in the form of an "Event" system on the title screen. Mainly I'd also do it to show how lazy the port was because the first Legends' graphics on the PSP were worse in some places than the PS1 version.
Roxas1359 8 years ago
I can't decide if I should do the PSP versions of Legends 1 and 2 for here because I have them and would translate them. What do you think?
Roxas1359 8 years ago
You did the Legends series as well!? You already win in my book. :P
deamo 9 years ago
you should do crysis 3
GundamW 9 years ago
X command mission is done, will be a while before I update again, going to NYC all of May.

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