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I'm a Sony Kid, well I was, I'm grown now but in my younger days I was the world's biggest sony fanboy (imo) and I still cling to the classic PSX games like my life depends on it.

Legend of Dragoon is my favorite game of all time, other games that get close to that level are Crash Bandicoot, Dragon Valor, Final Fantasy IX, MediEvil, Spyro, Grandia, Tekken, and a few here and there PSX games. I own more PSX games than any other system I've every played.

I'm also a huge fan of DBZ, YuYu Hakasho, Naruto Shippuden and UFC. I watch a ton of MMA and even practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Gwon Gyokdo Kickboxing myself.

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#1 Pro Jimmy Rustler
PMHD Flying Type Master
Founder of ThePokeMastersinHD
Legend of Dragoon's #1 Fan
#4 Player Worldwide - EA MMA
132-0 Naruto Storm Generations
226-0 Naruto Storm 2
3rd Degree Black Belt Kickboxing
Brownbelt 3 stripes BJJ

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Roxas1359 2 years ago
Nope, changed my name to Neronium last year.
ZeroGamer 6 years ago
Really good, but the Knight-Enchanter specialization makes the game way too Easy.
GamingWithEagle 7 years ago
Finally got some free time, gonna try to get back to DBZ Shin Budokai ASAP. Added my finished Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough.
cryogentics 7 years ago
Yeah, I really need to finish those two LP's
cryogentics 7 years ago
Ah, it's no big deal, it's just something I do. BTW, what made you sub me in the first place. If you don't mind me asking.
cryogentics 7 years ago
Thanks for subbing. Subbed back to share the luv.

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