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Age: 32 years old.

Where do I live: Quebec, West Of Montreal in a town called Vaudreuil/Dorion.

Hobbies:, Video Games, Movies.

Alright note Youtube has banned my account to upload videos for I do not know why, I did not get any strikes for anything and they were not flagging my vids so this is a WTF with me (do not mean to swear) for uploading stuff Youtube is dead to me. I am back over here. On another note so that I do not have to say this in my vids I am leaving a message here, if you are new to my vids I do cheating walkthroughs. While other people do regular walkthroughs which I am totally for I find that there should be someone out there that should be sharing cheating video walkthroughs, and this is the main reason I do what I do (even though there are some games I can do no problems without cheating).
Maceman 6 years ago
Thanks for kind words! We are doing everything in our power to take over the world!
ZeroGamer 7 years ago
Thanks for the Sub.
xXExceedEdgeXx 7 years ago
thanks for subscribing buddy
Maceman 7 years ago
That's what I like to hear - keep gaming!
sevlagoth 7 years ago
Thanks! I was really surprised for with the win in the raffle. :D
HelloJapan960 7 years ago
Thanks for the Sub! :D

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