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Hello guys, my name is Winston but I am also known as Fritz from FritzProductions27 on YouTube. I started creating WalkThroughs two years ago and I have loved doing it ever since. It's a great hobby and it's also a great way to help others on the games you grew up with and love. I hope you guys enjoy my WalkThroughs and soon to be many others.
I will not be posting the newest videos from my channel on this site. Just my older videos will be gradually uploaded here. If you want to see the rest or the latest videos of mine, then check out my main hub.

PayPal Donations are gratefully accepted at:

*Content Warning*
My videos and this channel is targeted to a MATURE AUDIENCE. PG-13 Audience and up is Preferred.
Completed WalkThroughs:
Super Mario 64
Discontinued Walkthroughs:
Sonic Adventure DX

*My Goal*
My goal for Fritz Productions is to create knowledgeable and yet sometimes entertaining Walk-Throughs. I love making helpful guides for my favorite games; considering of the people who need that little assistance, or if they just want too check the game out. I also try to make sure that my Walk-Throughs do not seem bland or boring to watch. Nothing is greater than reading comments from people saying how helpful my Walk-Throughs were.

To the people wondering why I use the name "Fritz" for everything. Well because "Fritz" is my GamerTag for just about every game I play, its just that simple. I got it one day in German Class and I thought it would be a fun GamerTag to use, so I stuck with it.

Have any questions? Comment...
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Fritz 10 years ago
I am gradually removing my videos from this account. Everything will be on YouTube.
BlackjackKent 10 years ago
Hey, thanks for subscribing! And glad the tech issue got sorted out. =)
emerson00 10 years ago
yes you do. i love that game mario 64
Leelee720 10 years ago
You, my friend, have a fine taste in games. Well done.

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