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Become a Director
Do you have what it takes to be a GameAnyone Director?

The Director program is for those who wish to go the extra mile in contributing to GameAnyone. We ask of you to become a loyal member of our walkthrough team, and to help spread the word by watermarking each of your new videos. We also give you some perks.

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Director Perks
Earn real money with higher CPM rates.
Gain more freedom in the Market.
  • Change the display color of your username on the website (in some locations).
  • Receive a higher payable CPM rate than standard members, for verified views on GameAnyone uploads.
  • Have the chance to be featured as one of the top active Directors on our list of Contributors.
  • Access to our private forum to discuss and help plan events.
  • Gain access to beta and experimental features, when available.
You need to complete the checklist before you can apply.