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Developer Center
The developer center can help you incorporate GameAnyone's information and content into your application. We provide you with scripts and XML data feeds to give you the ability to add video walkthroughs to your site. A simple implementation can take only a few minutes to assemble.
Magic Link
The Magic Link is the easiest way to automatically add thousands of video walkthroughs to your website. Links can be automatically generated using the game title as a variable. The game title will be searched within our vast database, and direct the user to the most likely walkthrough. The game title that is inserted as part of the URL does not have to match the game title as it appears on GameAnyone.

Sample #1
A standard hyper-link can instantly provide a great resource to your users.

Implementation Code:
<a href="[GAME_TITLE]" target="_blank">[GAME_TITLE] Walkthrough</a>

Example Code:
<a href=" Mario World" target="_blank">Super Mario World Walkthrough</a>

Example Output:

Sample #2
Inline frames can add the content of the returned page to your website.

Implementation Code:
<iframe src="[GAME_TITLE]" width="1000" height="400"></iframe>

Example Code:
<iframe src=" Mario World" width="1000" height="400"></iframe>