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The developer center can help you incorporate GameAnyone's information and content into your application. We provide you with scripts and XML data feeds to give you the ability to add video walkthroughs to your site. A simple implementation can take only a few minutes to assemble.
Game Info
This XML feed returns detailed information on a specific game.

Using the v GET variable for the game title, and the s GET variable for the game's console, we can request info for the supplied game.

Example Implementation:[GAME_TITLE]&s=[CONSOLE_ACRONYM]

In this example, we are requesting details on the game Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360.

Example Code:

The game title in the query string must match the game title as it appears in URLs on GameAnyone. This should not be confused with the display title which may contain special characters. The game title for Fallout 3 can be found in the following url. The console acronym can also be found in this URL. Both of these variables can be obtained through other feeds.

Game URL:

Example Results:
     <game>Fallout 3</game>
     <gamedisplay>Fallout 3</gamedisplay>
     <date>Oct 28, 2008</date>
     <developer>Bethesda Studios</developer>
     <publisher>Bethesda Softworks</publisher>

The results can be used on-the-fly, they can be temporarily cached, or you can even store them permanently in your database.