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Hey there, everyone! I'm Ryan, I know the user name here is 128Gamer, but that's a super old name that I have gotten rid of, and changed it to RyanRioga. However, I cannot change it on here apparently. Anyway! I make these fancy little things called 'Let's Plays!' I have other work going on on my Youtube account, so be sure to check them out! :D
Youtube Channel: RyanRioga

**ALSO, all of my content includes commentary!**

Also, follow my Twitter! @Ryan_Rioga
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DarkDemonCraze 4 years ago
No problem : )
DarkDemonCraze 4 years ago
Love the walkthoughs can't wait to see more
HelloJapan960 8 years ago
Thank you!
HelloJapan960 8 years ago
Thanks for the Sub! :D

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