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ShodanWii 11 years ago
I love starcraft! :D I call SC2 when it comes out though. XD
MrWunderboy 11 years ago
No worries, I found a demo of a program called screenflow that's just what I needed. Now I can record in fullscreen and watermark (with starcraft font, no less)
MrWunderboy 11 years ago
How are you recording starcraft? I'm trying to use Quicktime on my mac, but the game freezes on me :(
JoeSchulz 11 years ago
I like Warcraft II. But it is very long, and Get's really hard. Sometimes I need to go through a level 3 times. But I always make sure I got the gist of the level before I start. The big problem with WC2, is that you can't custom choose scenarios. You need to start from a save. So I can't go back and redo levels.
JoeSchulz 11 years ago
What's up dude. How's it going. Decent collection you got there.
onelife151 11 years ago
awesome videos. Death by Fire my friend.. keep up the good work.

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