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POed -
Level 21 (Puzzle)
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Platform: PS1
Length:  10:16 
Added: Before Time
Views: 402
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PO'ed is a game released by Accolade and Any Channel. The 3D0 version was released in 1995, while the Playstation version was released in 1997. This is gameplay from the Playstation version.

Whenever I continue in the game after stopping for the day or restarting a level, I'm using passwords rather than the gamesave function. The passwords start you off at the very start of the current level reached, whereas the gamesaves start you off where you last saved on that specific file.

Puzzle is a maze-style level, and I'm not sure what the puzzle of the level is. So far it depends on how much of the level you explore which will determine which level you will go to next. If you get to the exit very early, you go to Skyway. If you explore much or all of the level and kill everything in the way, you go to Sketch instead. Any PO'ed fans out there enlighten me on what the puzzle of this level is supposed to be?
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