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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - Arctic Games -
The Herd [2/2]
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Platform: PC
Length:  19:05 
Added: Jul 3, 2012
Views: 1,024
(2 votes)
Coconut Slinger 3:06 
Finish a Coconut Slingshot game in Story Mode.
Glacier Hopper 6:30 
Finish a Glacier Hopping race in Story Mode.
Bob-Smasher 12:03 
Finish a Bob-Smashing race in Story Mode.
Scrat Cannoneer 15:32 
Finish a Scrat Cannon game in Story Mode.
Ice Breaker 18:14 
Finish an Ice Smash game in Story Mode.
Herd Hero 18:20 
Finish the Story Mode while playing on the Herd’s side.
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The Crew side differs only by few cut scenes so I'm not going to bother for tons of editing I have to do.
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