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Paradigm -
PART 2 - Scientist's Body
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Platform: PC
Length:  86:37 
Added: Jul 20, 2019
Views: 37
(2 votes)
F.R.I.D.G.E C.R.E.A.M 0:45 
You listened to a fridge drop some phat rhymes
Crowd Pleaser 1:30 
You learned some sweet dance moves.
Oh My What Long Arms You Have 11:49 
You dated a noodle hands mutant. Flexibility is a blessing.
Toast My Buns 17:44 
You dated a toaster. Your buns are now nice and toasy.
Quak Me Hard 21:50 
You dated a duck-human. The rumours are true.
Kvlt Grooves 24:21 
You used the kvlt code to get the kvlt black metal audio tape.
High Five Me Again, Yeah 25:34 
You high fived the arm one too many times.
We Don't Go There 37:51 
You entered the forbidden mouse hole.
Notavirus.exe 57:35 
You installed a virus in IT.
Qualified IT Consultant 60:02 
You listened to enough IT advice, you could probably get mid tier IT consulting job.
High Fidelity 60:16 
You collected all the audio tapes.
Succulent Space Odyseey 60:16 
You bid a farewell to a space cactus.
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