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Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Bonus Parts -
#62- Party Like Spyro's Done Baby
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Platform: PS4
Length:  16:00 
Added: May 3, 2019
Views: 2
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Sheep Kebab 2:56 
Flame 10 sheep in Stone Hill
Barnstormer 3:14 
Do a loop around an arch
Shoot the Moon 3:56 
Use a cannon to dispatch a taunting gnorc
Hot Wings 1 5:32 
Flame all Fairies in Night Flight
Hot Wings 2 6:18 
Flame all Fairies in Crystal Flight
Comin' Through! 6:41 
Charge through 4 Armored Druids near the start of Magic Crafters
Rocketeer 7:12 
Light 3 rockets in 15 seconds
Jacques-tacular 7:30 
Defeat 4 Nightmare Beasts in one glide
Ratastic! 8:07 
Complete Gnorc Cove without killing any rats
What Really Grinds My Gears 9:44 
Destroy 6 gears in Twilight Harbor
Dragon and On and On 10:41 
Get Gnasty Gnorc to complete 5 laps
Gnasty's Demise 10:46 
Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies
Monkeying Around 10:59 
Charge through every Monkey in Mystic Marsh
Sheeples 11:35 
Don't hit any sheep in Cloud Temples
Unburnt 11:42 
Don't touch the lava in Skelos Badlands
Duck and Cover 12:53 
Don't get hit by Bob
Dryfoot 13:23 
Don't touch the hazardous water in Shady Oasis
Ripto's Remorse 13:28 
Collect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Head in the Clouds 13:52 
Cloud Spires: Glide for 5+ seconds (and land safely!)
Man the Cannons, Man 15:04 
Lost Fleet: Use cannons to shoot down all vultures
Party like it's 2024 15:09 
Win all trophies in Spyro 3
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