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Mega Man 11 -
(Semi-Blind) Sunday Longplay - (Switch , PC) - Superhero Mode
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Platform: PS4
Length:  143:41 
Added: Oct 8, 2018
Views: 148
(5 votes)
Bullseye! 9:31 
Defeat a Mawaru C using your Mega Buster without Speed Gear.
One Down, Seven to Go... 17:44 
Complete 1 of the 8 stages.
Better You Than Me 24:22 
Destroy a Mini Shpider using an acid pool, BBQ grill, or other environmental hazard.
Bullet Blaster 26:42 
Destroy 30 enemy projectiles. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Collector 31:08 
Purchase five parts.
Your Work Here Is Done 33:27 
Destroy an Arc Weldy obstacle.
Guard Breaker 36:17 
Defeat 30 enemies while their guard is broken. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Everything-Proof 36:49 
Run into an instant-death hazard without dying.
Now We're Getting Somewhere 52:07 
Complete 4 of the 8 stages.
Location, Location, Location 74:00 
Destroy a Tatepakkan from the back.
Catch 'Em Off Guard 79:42 
Destroy a Sniper Joe piloting a Sniper Armor D.
Where's Wily? 85:43 
Complete all 8 of the 8 stages.
Quick Draw 94:43 
Destroy 100 enemies using Speed Gear. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)
Protector of Peace 143:05 
Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder.
The World's Best Hope 143:05 
Complete the game on Superhero difficulty.
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