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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! - World 1 -
Part 2: Colossus
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Platform: PS1
Length:  19:07 
Added: Nov 14, 2017
Views: 247
(16 votes)
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In this part I clear what I can of the first home world (Summer forest) before going to Colossus. A level in which even the first npc tells you that all you have to do is to just reach the end. and where there's are yaks, goats and a yeti being annoying to the monks. This is pretty much the first fully completable level (because the diving ability cost 500 gems, and I can get at best ~400 gems right now, before going finishing colossus). It also features 2 minigames, a hunting one and a hokey one. If you manage to finish the second one without letting the other team score even a single goal you'll get an extra life (much like in Spyro 3's skill points)
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