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Agatha Christie's The ABC Murders -
Chapter 2 - Bettys Bedroom and Record
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Platform: PC
Length:  29:07 
Added: Apr 22, 2016
Views: 321
(56 votes)
Double gear 4:48 
"Glory to the hand of man, the equal of his mind!" One is nothing without the other and it is by using both that you were able to solve half of the riddles!
Falcon's eye 5:38 
Poirot excels in observing human nature! You are receiving this trophy for having penetrated half the people's thoughts with a simple look.
Romanic confessional 16:29 
It's nice to confide in Uncle Poirot … And that is why you conducted half of the interrogations to perfection!
Synapse 16:32 
As Poirot says, everybody has brains, but they differ in quality! Yours are exceptional. You've solved half of the questions.
Snowflake 25:22 
You believe that symmetry is the source of all beauty and that order generates virtue. What a pleasure it is to sort through things and tidy up!
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