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Dying Light -
Edition Part 3 The End / Longplay
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Platform: PS4
Length:  254:41 
Added: Mar 10, 2015
Views: 226
(60 votes)
Sightseeing 1:20 
Reach the Old Town
Hush, Hush Now 43:48 
Quiet a Screamer
Making Faces 51:48 
Show the outside world that you're still alive
Harran Shooting Club 80:48 
Kill 50 enemies with shooting weapons
Tied loose end 106:56 
Deal with Tahir
Vertigo 168:20 
Activate the Amplifier
Pheidippides 170:24 
Run (move or sprint) at least 42.195 m
Now You Can Come In 180:00 
Find Camden
Everybody Knows Kyle 207:40 
Reach Survivor Rank lvl 12
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