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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes -
Arcade Mode as Viewtiful Joe and Chun-Li
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Platform: Wii
Length:  21:44 
Added: Mar 17, 2009
Views: 521
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Although I'm really late to upload this, its mainly cause my Gamebridge decided to be a dick and screw up Joe's ending, so I only played the movie part of it.

Viewtiful Joe is the titular character of a Gamecube action/beat-em-up game.
He's a movie buff who one day sees his dreams come true when he and his
girlfriend Silvia are sucked into an action movie. With the help of his idol,
Captain Blue, he becomes a superhero with the ability to use a variety of
movie-style special effects to his advantage.

Chun-Li is one of the six new characters introduced in Street Fighter 2.
Unlike Ryu, who fights solely to become stronger, Chun-Li's motivations are
more traditionally heroic - she's an undercover agent of Interpol on a mission
to defeat M. Bison and destroy his crime syndicate, Shadoloo.
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