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there is not much to say im a friendlly and easy going girl
i like anime,manga and video game's
i also like geting to know new ppl
so fell free to ask me anything

so till then i am outro

also iv started makeing walkthough vids

current project
growlanser 2

i do have a list of games im planing to do pm if you wanna know
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Pitchingace88 7 years ago
awesome! i wish it didnt lag on my computer or i would've played it
Pitchingace88 8 years ago
awesome, tell me who you choose and the path you choose :)
Pitchingace88 8 years ago
so your a bad girl?
Pitchingace88 8 years ago
yes, i have a hard time being bad, which is why my nickname fits so well ;)
fgn209 8 years ago
No probs, Ill be sure to check out your vidz when you get some up ;]
Pitchingace88 8 years ago
Go Lakers :)

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