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i startied doing this in 1997, i recorded the videos to vhs and sold and gave the walkthrough to people who shopped at the game store i worked at the time. I started uploading the videos in 2006 to divx stage 6 they went offline 2009. i already had a youtube account when they launched and moved over to this site.

the first video i made was when i was 12 i recorded some Double Dragon 2 gameplay.

Request a Walkthrough Here:

this is my games site

whatever strategy guides previews, etc. you want to see; just send me a message here or on twitter; also to be clear all the content I do Were doing for you the gamers, so stay tuned. GAME ON!!
Wyvern_TheBlood 4 years ago
Just started doing Commentary for games on my youtube channel; and if anyone would like to see ny videos on any beloved series niche' titles or your favorites; i'd be happy to do walkthrough's, LP's and a retrospective on said games. because i love this and its what i do :) if you'd like to see any of this send me a message on youtube or other social media. Thanks guys for your time Cheers.
DarkDemonCraze 4 years ago
oh okay
DarkDemonCraze 4 years ago
you are welcome, so any plans in the future like new projects, i'd like to see more content from you : )
DarkDemonCraze 5 years ago
love the walkthroughs
Wyvern_TheBlood 6 years ago
sorry to anyone who watch's my walkthrough's I've been busy with my Horror month special on youtube; but as soon as that's over i plan to finish all the walkthrough i've been doing here :) i wish i could upload those videos here maybe next time. thanks for watching my videos, see u guy's soon :)
Wyvern_TheBlood 6 years ago
to anyone watching the Risen 3 Walkthrough i'll try to upload a few video for it tomorrow :)

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Spec Ops The Line - "The Human Factor"
Kill an enemy by tagging him with a sticky grenade. (campaign only)
Spec Ops The Line - "A Line, Crossed"
Choose vengeance.
Spec Ops The Line - "The Horror"
Face the horrors of war.
Spec Ops The Line - "Marksman - Rifle"
Kill 350 enemies with any rifle. (campaign only)
Spec Ops The Line - "Damned if You Don't"
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Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
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Defeat Crystal Sage.
Dark Souls III - "High Lord Wolnir"
Defeat High Lord Wolnir.
Dark Souls III - "Deacons of the Deep"
Defeat the Deacons of the Deep.
Dark Souls III - "Lords of Cinder: Abyss Watchers"
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Reach the Untended Graves.
Dark Souls III - "Ancient Wyvern"
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Dark Souls III - "Old Demon King"
Defeat Old Demon King.
The Darkness 2 - "Cut and Run"
Kill 50 enemies with the Demon Arm Slash attack
The Darkness 2 - "Decisions, Decisions"
Refuse to cooperate with Victor in the Interrogation
The Darkness 2 - "Cheque Please!"
Survive the hit
The Darkness 2 - "Back in the Saddle"
Rescue Jackie from the Iron Maiden
The Darkness 2 - "Impish Delight"
Kill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling
The Darkness 2 - "The Bird is the Word"
Avoid being run over in the parking garage
The Darkness 2 - "Storm the Mansion"
Take back your mansion
The Darkness 2 - "Escape the Brotherhood"
Survive the interrogation
The Darkness 2 - "One Flew Over..."
Return to reality...?
Murdered Soul Suspect - "Judgement"
Discovered the Bell Killer's secrets
The Evil Within - "Another Day on the Job"
Complete the game on Survival difficulty.
The Evil Within - "First Step into Darkness"
Complete the game on Casual difficulty.
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Become holier than Avo, or more evil than Skorm!
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