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JokerGames 9 years ago
no all of the vids wont have subtitles sorry, but i will appreciate if you will still watch this
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
Thanks again for letting me know. I owe you big-time. This game has been hell to do just because of all the problems I've run into. There's 1 video that didn't get uploaded for some reason, but it's about 17 minutes long. The Blood Ravens only have a short cameo where you fight alongside them. The game's pretty short unfortunately. Thanks again for the heads up, I would've never known otherwise.
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
I see what you mean. Fixing it now. THanks for letting meknow.
Overlord73 10 years ago
I talk to sten in a later video that should help.
BloodAngel82 11 years ago
the people who look up to me have no souls
Pitchingace88 11 years ago
id have to re-shoot them, its nothing i can do in the editing process

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