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I am very active on Xbox Live so if you have an Xbox 360 I always play COD BO II and I'd be happy to play it with you.

XboxLive Gamertag: The Viper2311
YouTube: Satanite100

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skyrimrules 8 years ago
Just so everyone knows I have given up n making walkthroughs because I cannot buy the equipment and I have no idea to use it anyway. Plus I don't edit or render videos. So maybe in couple of years.
Roxas1359 8 years ago
Thanks for the sub.
Refle18 8 years ago
I am going to record some more New vegas tonight and Dead Space 3 was just a demo walkthrough. Thanks for the sub also!
Refle18 8 years ago
What do you mean by new? I have been uploading 2 or 3 videos a day of my current walkthroughs. If you mean a newer game videos, then just wait a few weeks when I start Metal Gear Rising. :)
Zokrux 8 years ago
Thanks for subbing! :)
MrNormalGuy 8 years ago
When are the Lp's gonna start?

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