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acantophis3rd 11 years ago
omg skepp. whats wrong with you? your accounts are always closed after some time. You create always amazing stuff that is lost through this :(
acantophis3rd 11 years ago
my account was suspended. It wont come back. But I have a backup here. Only my Just Plays, Anarchy Online is gone :( New account: A3Dgaming and soon acantophis4rd.
acantophis3rd 11 years ago
nevermind :p
acantophis3rd 11 years ago
hey whats your new YT channel?
SpeedyH0mer 11 years ago
awesome walkthroughs!
acantophis3rd 11 years ago
I am sadisfied with the doom3 video quality, yes. But try to have full HD with older games. They look bad. But I must say that alien trilogy or m.a.x. dont look that bad as I thought. But they could be better :(

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