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Well... thanks to Sega, I no longer have a YouTube account, which means none of my walkthroughs are available. YAY!
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Dzmi13 9 years ago
What's you YT account name?
Dzmi13 9 years ago
I was having a really difficult time finishing legend of legaia. But with your help i was able to get through it with no problems. So thank you so much for doing an LP of it
Maceman 10 years ago
We're going for 200%!
batman9502 10 years ago
Yeah, it's alright if I can make myself get around to finishing it. The variable arts were awesome, like I said it probably does have a better combat system. And oh man, we're going to see Spoon so many times in the walkthrough haha.
batman9502 10 years ago
Oh, and Vahn > Lang.
batman9502 10 years ago
Yeah, I bought it back in '99 I think. Legaia 2 I was actually pretty disappointed by. I don't know what it is about it but it just feels like it drags on. Its combat system may be slightly better though, with normal arts adding AP instead of requiring it. However, Noa > Maya and Gala > Kazan and Songi/Cort > Avalon. Sharon and Ayne I could never get attached to either.

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