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Welcome to the channel of Game Anyone's resident motorsports fanatic! My primary focus on this channel is creating walkthroughs of various racing games. I also make walkthroughs of games from some of my favorite non-racing franchises as well as any full playthroughs I do on a live stream, so feel free to browse my channel and subscribe if you like what you see.

Kanjilearner817 2 years ago
I looked at your Google Docs and took the liberty of adding up your old Sonic Adventure 2: Battle LP on a time calculator. It added up to 4 h 29 m 46 s, if you discount the intro and the ending credits.
EMPBLMMMSD 4 years ago
Hey, could you help me out please? I got an Xbox One wheel for Assetto Corsa. It appears it doesn't seem to be any better? Is there any brand you recommend? I'm using Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider by the way.
cocaine 5 years ago
Hi. Does we'll see your walk-through on Fallout game series? That games is absolutely awesome, I really want see your video walk-through about this games!
Failguy27 5 years ago
Greatest Gran Turismo walkthroughs i have seen!!! :)
DarkDemonCraze 5 years ago
love the walkthroughs
Sryth 7 years ago
Congrats on doing 8 hour videos for Grand Turismo. You are a maniac. I don't know how you do it, the thought of it makes me cringe :)

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