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Alright let me tell ya about me. I'm Raz-nickname-around 20 years of age, heading into college normally with an interest in Forensic.

I'm still learning how to do some stuff on here like forums and posting videos so bear with me if I don't get a lot up at the moment, I'm also busy dealing with family stuff so that will cut into recording if I can figure out how to soon.

Possible games I can tape:

Xbox 360 Section:
Call of Duty World at war and BLack Ops
3 other i can't name off the top of my head

Wii: Mario Strikers charged w/friend of mine
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Battalion Wars 2
Mario Party 8

PS2: Eh, I'll see if I can find any
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TehNevs 11 years ago
thanks for the comment bro :D

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