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im done with gameanyone all it does is embed the videos, just go to my youtube were you will have more frequently uploaded videos
Reach milestones to unlock badges.
nintendoman360 10 years ago
because everybody just posted hate comments on it. if enough people beg me on my youtube ill do both of them again, but other than that im done with
Olken 10 years ago
Why is the walkthrough for Path of the Furon deleted?????? I really wanted to see it!
nintendoman360 10 years ago
fallout 3 is done but it wont be on here, itll be on my youtube, and brotherhood is also done and should be on both youtube and here
nintendoman360 10 years ago
currently im doing assassin's creed brotherhood, fable 2, and fallout 3
nintendoman360 10 years ago
that and im the first to do a walkthrough on it
linkboy321 10 years ago
well i beleive that the destroy all humans on xbox 360 is most watched from u because its awsome i guess

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