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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (PS1)

I love videogames.
And I'm also lazy.
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neurazgriz 1 month ago
I'll probably do the grinch again after I finish it. because reading both the guide and playing it made it... well, a bad walkthrough. Plus I've lost all my save files, so I have to start over. Sorry abe.
neurazgriz 5 months ago
Yes I know, but I can resume it as soon I start working on it again. I'll finish it before the end of the year, I'm just working on a ton of project and I'm also seeking for a job, otherwise I won't be able to make videos at all.
abe 5 months ago
Your game was listed as abandoned!
abe 5 months ago
Okay, keep me posted.
neurazgriz 6 months ago
Whenever I can. I'm both lazy, and I also need to finish the next chapter before recording it (so I won't get stuck like in the last part)
abe 6 months ago
any new videos coming soon?

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