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PSN: wolfprincess90


Animal: Wolves, especially black ones

Color: Black

Movie: Legion ATM

Band: Disturbed

Video Game: Super Mario 64

Food: Steak

Anime: Naruto (Shippuuden best)

TV Show: True Blood

Football team: New England Patriots

Baseball team: Boston Red Sox

Hockey team: Chicago Blackhawks

acantophis3rd 9 years ago
Just because I left, doesn't mean I stop contributing my stuff.
HelloJapan960 9 years ago
Thanks for the Sub. =D
xXKurantXx 9 years ago
Thanks for the sub :3
kiseruyoru 9 years ago
Heh heh, well thank you.
Maceman 9 years ago
You should make a post on the forum with more details asking how to change your signature.
Maceman 9 years ago
I do. I am slow at making videos though.

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