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Hey whats up i am megadeth which is of course my nick name, if your interested megadeth is a band. As for me i am 18 soon to be in college. looking to major in music theory, and be a music teacher of some sort. I love video games obviously and think it is a great way to relax and chill with a few of my friends. if you have any questions feel free to PM me

GO GATORS (ncaa)
Reach milestones to unlock badges.
Severed 10 years ago
million dollar idea good sir!
JoeSchulz 10 years ago
Merry Christmas ^^
VincesGames 10 years ago
yeah that game really pissed me off too, I mean uhg the fucking RAIDERS! How the fuck did we lose that game!?!?1
VincesGames 10 years ago
thats a little random lol. but honestly who doesn't hate the chargers :p. You watching the game today?

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