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Hello! Welcome to my channel, I'm luckzgaertner. I was born in the small city of Cabo Frio (RJ), Brazil. I always liked video games since childhood! I want to make clear that this is just a hobby! I will not post videos every day. This channel is only for me unwind. As it may seem, I'm not new in GameAnyone. I follow the site since 2008. This is already my 4th or 5th account here, the first one was created in 2011, but only now decided to make walkthroughs.

Steam: luckzgaertner21
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YurikaJoe 7 years ago
How's it going ? Its been awhile man. Hope everything is going great on your side .
ResidentGuidesEvil 7 years ago
Yeah. Revelations was epic!
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
what happen?
luckzgaertner 7 years ago
I had to delete all my videos. The reason? Explain better later.
YurikaJoe 7 years ago
No problem :)
ResidentGuidesEvil 7 years ago
Yeah. One of the best game franchises ever made. Sadly it went downhill after RE5

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