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FearedAngel 6 years ago
First subscriber!
xXKurantXx 6 years ago
Thanks for watching my stuff.
xXKurantXx 6 years ago
"cool" and "anime" don't belong in the same sentence, but ok :3
xXKurantXx 7 years ago
I take and modify stuff to fit from various places on the internet.
HelloJapan960 7 years ago
Yeah... I have been done with school for a little while now but it is really hard to sit down and record some gameplay because I just haven't felt in the mood to do it. I hope I will be sometime soon though.
HelloJapan960 7 years ago
I know! It is crazy how quickly it moves. I am excited for next semester to start but I am also ready for a nice and long break. Filled with plenty of Let's Plays of course.

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