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Hello everyone! Name's Alvaro (call me Alvin, it's easier for English)

I'm a Brazilian video game lover and I record gameplay for fun and entertainment.

To stay tuned on my videos, please visit my YouTube account:

Se voce eh brasiliero, visite meu canal:

Future games:
Probably something new (Resident Evil 6, Borderlands 2)

I always try the best video quality, so subscribe!
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luckzgaertner 8 years ago
meu novo canal, eu sou o lucksgamer do comentário abaixo
lucksgamer 9 years ago
tbem sou do Brasil
RazrBit 9 years ago
Thanks for noting about Yesterday video. Was in a hurry and didn't notice I double added the same footage.
Ionut712 10 years ago
If you enjoy my walkthroughs i will be thankfull from the bottom of my heart if you could subscribe :)
xXKurantXx 10 years ago
haha nah. But thank you (:
theonlypie314 10 years ago

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