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Whaddup. I'm a choleric gamer, playing everything from recent games to the good old ones, RPGs to graphic adventures to shooters and whatnot, going completely proper mental outrage during some of them.

Also, I'm a masochist, and so I will also be playing BAD games with the intention to torture myself a little for your viewing pleasure.

I might also do something completely different on a completely random basis, you never know. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy your stay and if you do, remember to like the vids, leave a comment and subscribe! You'll make loads of children in Czech Republic happy. ^_^
Sryth 8 years ago
Nice channel man!
MadScientist 8 years ago
Awesome chanel! Good Job =D
TheMDFGaming 9 years ago
Awesome chanel! Keep up the good work.
ValisHD 9 years ago
hey nice to meet ya,
Dzmi13 9 years ago
When do you think your next game will arrive on GA?
KanjiLikesBoys 9 years ago
hows that gabby knight coming?

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