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don't sub to this channel im not doing walkthroughs anymore i've stoped. doing walkthroughs/LPs is a waste of time.

EDIT 11-25-2013: well well well, first sign of life on this channel after about a year i left this hobby. im updating my channel to inform those are reading this, that i might return in 2014, but only IF i get my early retirement. yes, you read that right. early retirement im only 17 years and early retirement is already almost at my door. why early retirement, you might ask? simple. my brain is fucked up, it's been like that since i drew my first breath of fresh air. and no im not setting over going "hahahah i can play video games and videos till death, hahahaha" NO!! this is not funny it's damn annoying. i had plans of my own but my brain simpley refuses to work with me, and just wants to be a complete fucking pain in my ass. i might return just to have something to do, rather than just playing games and don't give a fuck.

there you go.

EDIT 06-09-2012: even though i've stopped with this hobby, there're still a few things in walkthroughing/LPing that i wanna do again but it's not enough to make me come back, but a thought of coming back is floating around in my head. i don't know if i'll ever return, i don't know if i will return when the next year is over I. DON'T. KNOW!! but all of this is still a waste of time for me.

if you got something to say, say it. if you got a question to ask, ask. if you got a friend invitation in mind, DONT FUCKING DO IT!

becuase i've getten really tierd of playing game, i won't be make videos and walkthroughs as much as i use to. and if i keep getting more and more tierd of playing games, then i'll probably start drawing and animating maybe even make my own game. but for now im just doing whatever i wanna do right now.


recording program: fraps

editing program: Looking for new editing program

watermark program: Adobe Photoshop
xXKurantXx 8 years ago
I'm not following :x If you enjoy making videos, how can you be wasting that time?
xXKurantXx 8 years ago
Isn't time you enjoy wasting, not wasted time?
HarshalGames 8 years ago
good walkthrough's keep it up and do some more fantastic games. Good luck for your new games. Thanks for the walkthrough.
HelloJapan960 9 years ago
Sure, try me.
ZonicZama 9 years ago
Awesome vids dude... keep going w/ the good work :)
jackienspy 9 years ago
it'll take some time befor i will do dragon age 2. im going to install 64-bit soon and delete all my crap.

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