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My laptops back and I'm back in business. As of the other day we are almost done with scooby doo mystery mayhem so ya'll look out for it.

Hi, I like to do dual commentary lps. normally it is myself and mathew, but sometimes I go and make them with my sisters if they are the only ones around willing to make a lp with me. I've also started to do solo to so I hope you enjoy them to. Hope you enjoy your visit and watch a few vids wile you are here.

If you make a suggestion for a game for me to lp then I may do it if I can either get my hands on a copy of it or if I already have it.

In Progress Lp's:
starwars knights of the old republic[PC]
Call of Duty2 Big Red One[ps2]
Assassin's Creed[PC]

Future LP's
Mega Man Zero [GBA]
Cthulhu Saves the world[PC]
Breath of Death VII the Beginning[PC]
star wars jedi knight II jedi outcast[PC]
Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem[xbox]
Red Steel[Wii]
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy[PC]
Chrono Trigger[NDS]
Enchanted Arms[Xbox 360]
Mass Effect Bringing Down the Sky[PC]

Check out my sister at her name is xzeldax97

I now have a Google+ account check me out

Psst hey you...yeah you...Subscribe.
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abe 7 years ago
are you still here?
abe 8 years ago
hope you finish the scooby- doo game.
abe 8 years ago
good to know thbat your laptop is fixed!
abe 8 years ago
have you fixed you computer yet,if not then keep at it!
abe 8 years ago
your laptop better?
abe 8 years ago
I also put a comment on your snoopy game fyi.

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