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Dynasty Warriors 8
Jul 16, 2013
Omega Force
~20 hours play time
Dynasty Warriors 8 is a new game for the Xbox 360 that features a large amount of playable characters over various factions. You must battle vast armies of soldiers to prove that you reign supreme.

Dynasty Warriors 8 - Walkthrough - Normal Difficulty
Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS Backup
xXKurantXx Jul 17, 2013 65 26:00:34 HD4 Xbox 360 RSS Yes
 1:44  1 comment
Escape from Luoyang
 25:26  After failing to assassinate Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao finds... 6 comments
Battle of Hulao Gate
 38:32  Heroes from around the land have gathered to slay the...
Battle of Yan Province
 19:23  Pacify the land of Yan Province and welcome the Yellow... 1 comment
Battle of Xu Province
 42:56  Cao Cao has headed for Xu Province in order to avenge his... 1 comment
Imperial Escort
 44:24  Cao Cao has received the order from the emperor to flee... 2 comments
Battle of Wan Castle (1/2)
 27:43  Although invited to a banquet by Zhang Xiu, it was a trap....
Battle of Wan Castle (2/2)
 26:41  1 comment
Battle of Xiapi
 27:42  Cao Cao has headed for Xiapi after receiving a request for...
Battle of Guandu
 28:14  Cao Cao and Yuan Shao are engaged in a struggle for power in...
Battle of Mt. Bailang
 22:15  Cao Cao's forces are advancing on Mt. Bailang in order to...
Battle of Xinye
 22:34  The army sent to defeat Liu Bei has met with unexpected...
Battle of Chibi
 28:01  Determined to conquer the land, Cao Cao has advanced on... 3 comments
Battle of Tong Gate
 41:40  Advance of Guanzhong in order to put a stop to the people...
Battle of Hefei (1/2)
 24:28  Wu has invaded the land of Hefei. Cooperate with your allies...
Battle of Mt. Dingjun
 19:07  The Shu Forces have attacked in an effort to seize the land... 1 comment
Battle of Fan Castle (1/2)
 18:19  Guan Yu, the God of War, has invaded Fan Castle. Turn back...
Battle of Fan Castle (2/2)
 27:48  2 comments
Battle of Xiangyang
 24:09  An army led by Sun Jian has set out to defeat Liu Biao.... 1 comment
Conquest of Wujun
 20:25  Sun Ce and his friends have set out to capture Wujun....
The Little Conqueror in Peril
 22:44  A dark shadow has fallen on the Little Conqueror, Sun Ce....
Battle of Chibi
 25:05  The alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei has met Cao Cao in...
Battle of Nanjun
 31:25  Sun Quan's Forces have invaded Nanjun in an attempt to... 3 comments
Battle of Jing Province
 14:56  Wu has mobilized it's army in order to retake Jing Province...
Battle of Hefei
 22:59  Wu has advanced its army to Hefei in order to strike Cao Cao... 2 comments
Battle of Ruxukuo
 19:02  The Wei Forces have taken up a fortified position at Ruxukou...
Battle of Fan Castle
 21:17  The Wu Forces have set out for Fan Castle in order to defeat... 2 comments
Battle of Yiling
 35:43  Determined to avenge Guan Yu's death, Liu Bei has advanced... 2 comments
Battle of Shiting
 24:27  Zhou Fang of Wu has pretended to surrender in order to... 3 comments
Battle of New Hefei Castle
 29:39  Wu has marched on New Hefei Castle in order to attack Wei....
Yellow Turban Rebellion
 22:08  Zhang Jiao, the leader of the Way of Peace, has risen in... 2 comments
Battle of Hulao Gate
 21:47  The Coalition Forces have arrived at Hulao Gate in order to... 1 comment
Defense of Xu Province
 24:42  Cao Cao's Forces have attacked Xu Province in search of...
Disturbance at Guandu
 20:50  Liu Bei and Zhang Fei are prepared for battle at Huabei....
Battle of Xinye
 22:30  Cao Cao is in pursuit of Liu Bei, who has fled to Xinye....
Battle of Changban
 21:34  Cao Cao's Forces have come to attack a new location. Fend...
Battle of Chibi
 29:24  Join up with Sun Quan and meet Cao Cao's Forces in battle... 2 comments
Battle of Chengdu
 29:09  Liu Bei has sent his troops to Yi Province, which is ruled... 1 comment
Battle of Mt. Dingjun
 19:20  Wei and Shu are facing each other for the key location of...
Battle of Fan Castle
 26:49  The fervor over Fan Castle's capture is all part of an...
Battle of Yiling
 25:40  Shu has raised an army to face Wu and is heading to Yiling....
Battle of Tianshui
 32:04  Shu is facing Wei at Tianshui as part of its Northern...
Battle of Jieting
 20:26  Ma Su's failed strategy during the Northern Campaign has...
Battle of Chencang
 23:54  The Shu Forces have surrounded Chencang. Use your siege...
Battle of the Wuzhang Plains
 26:11  Wei and Shu are trading blows on the battlefields of the... 3 comments
Pursuit at Wuzhang Plains
 19:32  Your nemesis, Zhuge Liang, has died during the battle....
Battle of Xiangping
 15:06  Gongsun Yuan has risen in rebellion with Xiangyan as his...
Battle of Mt. Xingshi
 22:44  The army raised by Cao Shuang to defeat Shu has found itself... 1 comment
Coup D'etat
 16:32  The time to rid the land of imbeciles has come. Quickly...
East Gates Battle
 16:44  After strengthening its military, the Wu Forces have marched...
Battle of Mt. Tielong
 18:45  During the chaos, Guo Huai has been isolated behind enemy...
Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's Rebellion
 21:26  Guanqiu Jian and Wen Qin have risen in rebellion against the...
Battle of Xuchang
 21:34  In search of vengeance, Wen Qin's surprised attack has... 2 comments
Zhuge Dan's Rebellion
 30:32  Due to the influence of Wen Qin, Zhuge Dan has rebelled...
Wei Emperor's Last Stand
 14:06  The Wei Emperor, Cao Mao, has raised an army in order to...
Battle of Taoyang
 20:38  Xiahou Ba has been cornered in Taoyang Castle. Anticipate...
Battle of Jiange
 30:50  The Wei Forces have split into two groups and invaded...
Battle of Chengdu
 44:32  Wei has raised an army to eliminate Shu and has arrived at... 1 comment
Yellow Turban Conflict
 27:02  Great Teacher Zhang Jiao has risen up to save the people.... 4 comments
Eliminate Dong Zhuo
 19:31  Diaochan has been discovered plotting an assassination...
Chase at Hulao Gate
 15:56  Diaochan has followed Lu Bu to the front lines. Race through...
Xiapi Defensive Battle
 17:15  Lu Bu's Forces have suffered heavy damage from Cao Cao's...
Skirmish at Guandu
 15:27  Yuan Shao is looking to meet Cao Cao's Forces in battle at...

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