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"Chapter 2 Cleared"

Cleared Chapter 2.
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Dynasty Warriors 8
Jul 16, 2013
Omega Force
~20 hours play time
Dynasty Warriors 8 is a new game for the Xbox 360 that features a large amount of playable characters over various factions. You must battle vast armies of soldiers to prove that you reign supreme.

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
xXKurantXx Jul 17, 2013 65 26:00:34 HD4 Xbox 360 RSS
Normal Difficulty
 1:44  1 comment
Escape from Luoyang
 25:26  After failing to assassinate Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao finds... 6 comments
Battle of Hulao Gate
 38:32  Heroes from around the land have gathered to slay the...
Battle of Yan Province
 19:23  Pacify the land of Yan Province and welcome the Yellow... 1 comment
Battle of Xu Province
 42:56  Cao Cao has headed for Xu Province in order to avenge his... 1 comment
Imperial Escort
 44:24  Cao Cao has received the order from the emperor to flee... 2 comments
Battle of Wan Castle (1/2)
 27:43  Although invited to a banquet by Zhang Xiu, it was a trap....
Battle of Wan Castle (2/2)
 26:41  1 comment
Battle of Xiapi
 27:42  Cao Cao has headed for Xiapi after receiving a request for...
Battle of Guandu
 28:14  Cao Cao and Yuan Shao are engaged in a struggle for power in...
Battle of Mt. Bailang
 22:15  Cao Cao's forces are advancing on Mt. Bailang in order to...
Battle of Xinye
 22:34  The army sent to defeat Liu Bei has met with unexpected...
Battle of Chibi
 28:01  Determined to conquer the land, Cao Cao has advanced on... 3 comments
Battle of Tong Gate
 41:40  Advance of Guanzhong in order to put a stop to the people...
Battle of Hefei (1/2)
 24:28  Wu has invaded the land of Hefei. Cooperate with your allies...
Battle of Mt. Dingjun
 19:07  The Shu Forces have attacked in an effort to seize the land... 1 comment
Battle of Fan Castle (1/2)
 18:19  Guan Yu, the God of War, has invaded Fan Castle. Turn back...
Battle of Fan Castle (2/2)
 27:48  2 comments
Battle of Xiangyang
 24:09  An army led by Sun Jian has set out to defeat Liu Biao.... 1 comment
Conquest of Wujun
 20:25  Sun Ce and his friends have set out to capture Wujun....
The Little Conqueror in Peril
 22:44  A dark shadow has fallen on the Little Conqueror, Sun Ce....
Battle of Chibi
 25:05  The alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei has met Cao Cao in...
Battle of Nanjun
 31:25  Sun Quan's Forces have invaded Nanjun in an attempt to... 3 comments
Battle of Jing Province
 14:56  Wu has mobilized it's army in order to retake Jing Province...
Battle of Hefei
 22:59  Wu has advanced its army to Hefei in order to strike Cao Cao... 2 comments
Battle of Ruxukuo
 19:02  The Wei Forces have taken up a fortified position at Ruxukou...
Battle of Fan Castle
 21:17  The Wu Forces have set out for Fan Castle in order to defeat... 2 comments
Battle of Yiling
 35:43  Determined to avenge Guan Yu's death, Liu Bei has advanced... 2 comments
Battle of Shiting
 24:27  Zhou Fang of Wu has pretended to surrender in order to... 3 comments
Battle of New Hefei Castle
 29:39  Wu has marched on New Hefei Castle in order to attack Wei....
Yellow Turban Rebellion
 22:08  Zhang Jiao, the leader of the Way of Peace, has risen in... 2 comments
Battle of Hulao Gate
 21:47  The Coalition Forces have arrived at Hulao Gate in order to... 1 comment
Defense of Xu Province
 24:42  Cao Cao's Forces have attacked Xu Province in search of...
Disturbance at Guandu
 20:50  Liu Bei and Zhang Fei are prepared for battle at Huabei....
Battle of Xinye
 22:30  Cao Cao is in pursuit of Liu Bei, who has fled to Xinye....
Battle of Changban
 21:34  Cao Cao's Forces have come to attack a new location. Fend...
Battle of Chibi
 29:24  Join up with Sun Quan and meet Cao Cao's Forces in battle... 2 comments
Battle of Chengdu
 29:09  Liu Bei has sent his troops to Yi Province, which is ruled... 1 comment
Battle of Mt. Dingjun
 19:20  Wei and Shu are facing each other for the key location of...
Battle of Fan Castle
 26:49  The fervor over Fan Castle's capture is all part of an...
Battle of Yiling
 25:40  Shu has raised an army to face Wu and is heading to Yiling....
Battle of Tianshui
 32:04  Shu is facing Wei at Tianshui as part of its Northern...
Battle of Jieting
 20:26  Ma Su's failed strategy during the Northern Campaign has...
Battle of Chencang
 23:54  The Shu Forces have surrounded Chencang. Use your siege...
Battle of the Wuzhang Plains
 26:11  Wei and Shu are trading blows on the battlefields of the... 3 comments
Pursuit at Wuzhang Plains
 19:32  Your nemesis, Zhuge Liang, has died during the battle....
Battle of Xiangping
 15:06  Gongsun Yuan has risen in rebellion with Xiangyan as his...
Battle of Mt. Xingshi
 22:44  The army raised by Cao Shuang to defeat Shu has found itself... 1 comment
Coup D'etat
 16:32  The time to rid the land of imbeciles has come. Quickly...
East Gates Battle
 16:44  After strengthening its military, the Wu Forces have marched...
Battle of Mt. Tielong
 18:45  During the chaos, Guo Huai has been isolated behind enemy...
Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's Rebellion
 21:26  Guanqiu Jian and Wen Qin have risen in rebellion against the...
Battle of Xuchang
 21:34  In search of vengeance, Wen Qin's surprised attack has... 2 comments
Zhuge Dan's Rebellion
 30:32  Due to the influence of Wen Qin, Zhuge Dan has rebelled...
Wei Emperor's Last Stand
 14:06  The Wei Emperor, Cao Mao, has raised an army in order to...
Battle of Taoyang
 20:38  Xiahou Ba has been cornered in Taoyang Castle. Anticipate...
Battle of Jiange
 30:50  The Wei Forces have split into two groups and invaded...
Battle of Chengdu
 44:32  Wei has raised an army to eliminate Shu and has arrived at... 1 comment
Yellow Turban Conflict
 27:02  Great Teacher Zhang Jiao has risen up to save the people.... 4 comments
Eliminate Dong Zhuo
 19:31  Diaochan has been discovered plotting an assassination...
Chase at Hulao Gate
 15:56  Diaochan has followed Lu Bu to the front lines. Race through...
Xiapi Defensive Battle
 17:15  Lu Bu's Forces have suffered heavy damage from Cao Cao's...
Skirmish at Guandu
 15:27  Yuan Shao is looking to meet Cao Cao's Forces in battle at...

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