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Metal Gear Solid V The...

Obtain all trophies.
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Aug 21, 200
2K Games
2K Boston, 2K Australia
~9 hours play time

Author Added Videos Length Traits Platform RSS
Mangadude901 Dec 24, 2017 31 14:07:04 Xbox 360 RSS
The Year is 1960. When the plane you were on crash lands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you enter a strange lighthouse and find yourself taken towards an underwater city: Rapture. But this utopia has become nothing more than a ruined and dangerous place......and your choices will determine what your true character will be.
Part 1: Welcome to Rapture
 29:13  Welcome to Rapture New Weapon: Wrench New Plasmid: Electro...
Part 2: Medical Pavilion
 29:57  Welcome to Rapture and Medical Pavilion New Weapon: Revolve...
Part 3: Mind-Bending Plasmids
 29:50  Medical Pavilion New Tonics: Wrench Jockey and Speedy Hacke...
Part 4: Mad Doctor Steinman
 26:44  New Tonics: EVE Link, Armored Shell
Part 5: Neptune's Bounty
 29:51  New Tonics: Medical Expert, Security Expert, Extra Nutrition...
Part 6: Smile For The Camera
 29:07  Neptune's Bounty New Weapon: Camera New Plasmid: Security...
Part 7: Photo Safari in Rapture
 29:56  Neptune's Bounty New Tonics: Scrounger, Shorten Alarm
Part 8: Paranoid Peachy
 30:00  Neptune's Bounty New Tonics: Wrench Lurker, Focused Hacker...
Part 9: Smuggler's Hideout
 24:55  Neptune's Bounty and Smugglers' Hideout New Tonic: Extra ...
Part 10: Arcadia Glen
 30:12  Arcadia New Tonics: Safecracker, Natural Camouflage New Pl...
Part 11: Attack of the Saturnine
 30:11  Arcadia New Tonic: Security Evasion
Part 12: The Lazarus Vector
 27:46  Arcadia New Plasmid: Cyclone Trap New Tonic: Hacking Exper...
Part 13: Farmer's Market
 30:28  Farmer's Market
Part 14: Market Harvesting
 30:22  Farmer's Market New Tonic: Photographer's Eye
Part 15: Reviving Arcadia
 16:21  Arcadia
Part 16: Fort Frolic
 27:57  Fort Frolic
Part 17: On The Hunt
 30:28  Fort Frolic New Tonic: Alarm Expert, Frozen Field New Weap...
Part 18: Poseidon Plaza
 30:17  Fort Frolic New Plasmid: Hypnotize Big Daddy 2, Incinerate!...
Part 19: What Happened to Jasmine Jolene
 27:49  Fort Frolic New Tonics: Medical Expert 2, Electric Flesh
Part 20: Hephaestus
 29:49  Medical Pavilion and Hephaestus New Plasmid: Electro Bolt 3
Part 21: The Kyburz Workshops
 29:57  Hephaestus New Tonic: Damage Research
Part 22: Ryan's Revelations
 29:46  Hephaestus and Rapture Central Control New Plasmid: Cyclone...
Part 23: Finding a Cure
 30:25  Olympus Heights New Tonics: Armored Shell 2, Speedy Hacker ...
Part 24: The Home of Fontaine
 26:44  Olympus Heights New Tonics: Clever Inventor, Electric Flesh...
Part 25: Apollo Square
 30:12  Apollo Square New Tonics: Prolific Inventor, Medical Expert...
Part 26: Fontaine's Home For The Poor
 31:32  Apollo Square New Plasmid: Incinerate! 3, Winter Blast 3, I...
Part 27: Point Prometheus
 30:00  Fort Frolic and Point Prometheus New Tonic: Safecracker 2
Part 28: Becoming a Big Daddy
 29:54  Point Prometheus New Plasmid: Enrage New Tonic: Human Infe...
Part 29: Proving Grounds
 28:13  Point Prometheus and Proving Grounds New Tonic: Damage Rese...
Part 30: The End
 6:10  Fontaine and Ending
 2:58  Extra Video

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